Easy to Understand

Our job is to make things simple - no matter how complex the industry tries to make it. We break down the wealth of information to leave the core facts that you need to enable you to make the decision.


We provide you with information throughout the process to allow you to make informed choices. Because we work for you and not a lender we can give you the pro's and con's of every decision you make, and of the different mortgage products available.


We listen to your requirements and then use our experience to find you the best mortgage and protection products to fit your needs and your budget.


We explain why we have made recommendations and explain why certain lenders mortgages may not be within the scope of your requirements or circumstances.


All recommendations are accompanied with research known as "source results" and you will receive a full written report. You will always know why you have been recommended the mortgage and insurance(s) and what they do. We make ourselves fully accountable for our advice.


By being fully transparent we hope to increase our clients knowledge, allowing us to work together to make the important decisions.